Jiggin like Ayaan



‘You are running through a field with white flowers in it, Your pigtails fly behind you and you feel the gentle breeze as you run as fast as you can. You hear your sisters running behind you screaming, “Shafeena, Shafeenaaaaaa “ and you stop at the tree and shout “ I WON, I am the QUEEN of the day” ‘


This was the mental image I meditated on, in my yoga today. It was a wonderful picture indeed. It was one where I missed being a child, carefree and excited. Where my sisters were playmates and we were laughter embodied.


Now that I have kids my own, I take pleasure in their childhood. Azaan’s laughter and curiosity, his mischief as he pulls his twin’s hair every chance he gets. My daughter Ayat’s excitement when she reaches for me, and her laughter when I throw her up in the air. Ayaan’s quick wit and his incredible love for his baby sister and brother, and how he hasn’t a care in the world no matter what he does.


I love how free of self-consciousness he still is. He is bold and enough and confident enough to break out into a jig in the middle of a crowded store with people watching and to look straight at them and smile. And that is exactly what he did it today.


It was embarrassing for about 30 second as people stared and then I was smiling and taking pictures because I truly could not believe this was the bashful son of mine who wouldn’t talk to anyone he didn’t know a year ago.


Life is good, it is happy, and it is wonderful. Alhamdulillah (all thanks and grace to the almighty)


It is with heavy heart that I finish this post today with thoughts about the millions that are rendered homeless in Philippines by the Typhoon Haiyan. It makes us realize how blessed we are, and how thankful we need to be to the one and the only that has made our lives this easy.


My company supports the World Food Programme to provide food to those in dire need of them in Philippines. You can support too by sending them a donation on https://www.wfp.org/donate/typhoon 

Until the storm passes and the sun shines again


Hard Words




Words come harder to me nowadays.

There seem to be so much more ‘action’ in my life right now. Constant movement is necessary. Moving from one task to the next, scheduling many many more, trying to think of what i have forgotten AND procrastinating with sheer exhaustion.

I miss my blog. I miss cooking and most of all i miss the exhilarating feeling of finishing everything on my to do list. Its not possible now, and i know its going to be  hard few months ahead. But I will strive, i will move and someday i will check off everything on my to do list again. And that day will be a wonderful day indeed.


Ayaan & School


Though i missed to record loads in the blogosphere, there has been so much happening with Ayaan.

He goes to FS1 now and surprises me everyday with how grown up he is.

His school is incredible. They had a beautiful market place at school today where each class made something they could sell and understand the concept of money. I love his teacher for how independent and confident she has made Ayaan to be.

I have seen glimpses of the man he will someday become

He is kind and generous and loves to love and be loved.

Today for the first time he put his clothes on with no help from me.

He rode his bike around the house block.

He sat down and understood the concept of rhyming words

He told me his favourite mini beast was the lady bird, and then changed his mind and told me it was the bee, and then changed his mind again and told me it was the spider .

He grows funnier everyday.

He responds faster to my sad-face than my angry-face.

And he loves his baby brother and baby sister without jealousy or doubt.

He is a wonderful person.

Apple Crumble


When I had Ayaan, the realisation as usual struck me about how difficult it actually is to take care of one baby. But I had this image of me rising to the occasion and I pretty much got there ( or probably  lowered my exceptions as time passed)  When i knew i was having twins, i still entertained the possibility that it would still be possible to get to that image in my head. But let me tell you right now, that when you have three kids, the WHOLE schematic of things change.

Staying at mom’s helps. A LOT. But I miss my home, my kitchen and especially cooking.



Here is a recipe i picked up ages ago, and have made this one loads of times. Goes great with Custard.

If only life was as easy as this.

[yumprint-recipe id='1'] 

I am also desperately in love with this Flourless Lime and Coconut Cake from The Hedonista’s blog and this incredible Colourful Kulfi recipe from ishita unblogged .

Until the apples cook and the custard flows

339 Days Ago


My Babies

It has been exactly 339 days since my last post. In these 339 days, a LOT has changed. At work, in my family and in my life.

Biggest News First!

On the 16th of July last year ( yes on our 6th wedding anniversary) i found out i was pregnant again !

On the 6th of January 2013 in an emergency C-section i gave birth to two beautiful little angels.

My little angels, Azaan and Ayat, were born 12 weeks premature and became my little miracles.

Both my sisters had their own little girls last year.

Work flourished and a lot of it with me being bed ridden with morning sickness.

And Ayaan turned 4 on the 30th of January 2013.

As my life begins with preemie twins and a preschooler, this blog takes a new turn!

Next month as i turn a year older, my blog changes with me.

It becomes, older, wiser, busier and filled with more love, news, food and family.

Until the twins give me a breather :D