A Father !!

There are a million reasons that i can think of every night, why i thank god for giving me the father i have. I mean i know its dissing myself, but i cant think of ANYbody else i have ever met, who could have handled me the way he did. And for all those things, and more, for every look, every smile, every praise, every critique, every day that you watch me grow into the person you would be proud to call your daughter, For seeing me ten years from now, as you see everything else. i thank you !!

My mom tells me my father missed me being born :) ( in the age before mobiles) he had just gone out for some time *or so i hear*. and i dont remember him when my younger sister was born either. Combine that with the most BEAUTIFUL post by Aunt Becky, I was inspired to write about a father i have actually seen made ( right out of mold) myself.

On the 24th of January, exactly two days into my 31st week, at 11 in the night my sister drove me to the hospital, with the father of my child complaining till we got there : “it’s nothing, you are too early”. and 2 hours later  i had a room of my own in the hospital diagnosed pre-term delivery. 6 days and two hospitals later, my 32 week old baby who was in a hurry to get out ( as is his nature.. even now) , arrived 30th of january at 9:37 am. and another hour later, as i was rolled into the recovery room, i saw “A Father”. the proud look, the worried chin, the glistening eyes and the blissful smile. And lo, my husband was no more.

The first pee on clothes, the first smile, the first laugh, the first time he recognized his father, all shared with more gusto than even i could muster, i saw him grow on the outside. Through the first two weeks in the hospital, every time the baby woke up at night, every injection, doctor’s visits, every fall, every tantrum filled evening i saw him grow… on the inside !!!

If we could understand his baby babble, i am sure he would tell you how much him and his mom miss you every day you are away and how you have filled his little heart and life with so much love and support . And that you ( his pa) are the only one his mom blames for his lack of fear for ANYTHING…

Its so true what they say, its easy to become A Father, but a LOT harder to be a Pa. Happy father’s Day to his Pa from Ayaan, we are truly blessed to have you in our lives.


  1. LOVELy.. that bit is soo true… The Pa comes and the husband disappears :)

  2. ….its so true….awesome post …. loved it………

  3. This was an awesome read. You words make the feel of making a Paa from a hub. Good one shafeena

  4. Niceeeeee…..every bit of this note reminded me of my delivery,being rushed to the hospital..being diagnosed a pre term labor….the moment riu was born,the expression on zanhar’s face…..n most importantly the changes after he became a dad….like u said,we become moms the moment v come to know we’re pregnant…bt they become pa’s only aftr the babies pop out….but tht transition do change our live a loooot,dont they???anyways thanz a lot for putting up sucha wonderful topic…..

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