Murder Mysteries – The Mentalist Review

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I am a book person. Fact Of Life.

It has to be an incredible something if it has to keep me in front of a television for more than an hour. Though not to slur tv-shows ( thought i wouldn’t mind slurring a few incredibly stupid, “insult to common-sense” hindi dramas) but i am very picky about them.

I love a good comedy, and it would keep me in my seat for a while. I also love sic-fi, and as amazing as this may sound, i actually watched the entire series of Charmed during my first two months of having Ayaan ( Call it my way of dealing with sleepless nights and post natal depression)

But the PoP ( point of my post , yup.. just thought of that one) is what has me hooked on right now. My sister and brother-in-law casually happened to mention them watching this new series they loved called The Mentalist ! Those words changed the way i spent every spare moment since then. I am truly and utterly hooked.

I love murder mystery series, and this is one of the best i have seen to date. It has a little of sherlock holmes, Poirot and Houdini all mixed up in one. It starts with a murder ( not always) and how the protagonist, the INCREDIBLY GOOD LOOKING Patrick Jane ( Simon Baker) uses his powers of observation to solve who the murderer is.

The mystery of the series is kept alive by having the perfect nemesis to Patrick Jane, the evil Red John. The stories are well told, the mysteries are real and interesting and it keeps you guessing who the killer is. Just when you think you know who it is, nop, its not him/her.

So this is now how i spend my days. Now how do i spend my nights you ask? i keep going from murder mystery series to my Agatha Christie Murder msytery books. I have always loved her work, and when i want to relax, not think, when i want to numb my mind, and just read a good story, I download an Agatha Christie on my iPad Kindle.

With watching Mentalist in the day, and reading Agatha Christie at night, i am dreaming murder mysteries at this point. But oh how i LOVE it!

Until the murderer is caught, and the mystery is solved


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more.Me and my hubby love the series.Patrick Jane has the witty charm,the composed cool in the face of a murder and catching the killer,puts the show way up than the others.Wish I can download the entire series and watch when I have time,not when they show on TV :)

  2. Love this show! There are few other favourites on my list, but this is definitely one of those shows that I don’t like to miss! :)

    Happy Birthday Shafeena… may you have many many more :) )

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