International Women’s Day





On International Women’s Day, i am going to slightly adapt a speech i gave yesterday !

For all i that i am, and for all that i have become this is my thank you :


Margret Thatcher said : “Being powerful is like being a lady, if you have to say it, you aren’t it” and for me being a lady is being powerful

Thankyou to my dad who gave me wings ( to dream and to soar)

Mom for giving me roots, always keeping me grounded

To my sisters for being my guidebook to life, for being my worst critics, and my best friends

Thankyou to my in laws. My father in law who has always been there for me, my sister-in-laws, the kind i know everyone wishes for, but is rarely lucky to have.

Thankyou to my teachers, for making me the woman i am today

My friends for always believing in me

The Fia for pushing me to put good food out on the table

Thankyou to everyone i work with, if i am being recognised today, its your fault

Finally to the men who work the hardest to make me a better woman :

My son, who pushes me everyday to be a better a person, a better woman and a better mother

& to My husband: nothing… nothing in my life makes sense or matters or would be possible without you.


Happy International Women’s Day !

Hope all you men out there do something special for all the ladies in your life !


Until the show is over and the fat lady sings.




  1. Congratulations Shafeena! You make us proud :) Go girl power!

  2. Congrats..What a speech!!! Ur a strong woman..and make us all proud! Enjoy ur’s to more!

  3. *Applause* Saw ur pic in gulf madhyamam a bit late. Hearty congratulations and great speech. You have a long long way to go now…and change the face of the food industry in this country. All the best

  4. Congratulations again :)

  5. Congrats again! Hope many more laurels find your way.

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