Apple Crumble


When I had Ayaan, the realisation as usual struck me about how difficult it actually is to take care of one baby. But I had this image of me rising to the occasion and I pretty much got there ( or probably  lowered my exceptions as time passed)  When i knew i was having twins, i still entertained the possibility that it would still be possible to get to that image in my head. But let me tell you right now, that when you have three kids, the WHOLE schematic of things change.

Staying at mom’s helps. A LOT. But I miss my home, my kitchen and especially cooking.



Here is a recipe i picked up ages ago, and have made this one loads of times. Goes great with Custard.

If only life was as easy as this.

[yumprint-recipe id='1'] 

I am also desperately in love with this Flourless Lime and Coconut Cake from The Hedonista’s blog and this incredible Colourful Kulfi recipe from ishita unblogged .

Until the apples cook and the custard flows


  1. The Custard looks so so yummy and creamy. It’s difficult to manage kids and your passion and everything in between, but love to see that you are doing all!

    Thanks for the ping back… it’s an easy treat!

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