Ayaan & School


Though i missed to record loads in the blogosphere, there has been so much happening with Ayaan.

He goes to FS1 now and surprises me everyday with how grown up he is.

His school is incredible. They had a beautiful market place at school today where each class made something they could sell and understand the concept of money. I love his teacher for how independent and confident she has made Ayaan to be.

I have seen glimpses of the man he will someday become

He is kind and generous and loves to love and be loved.

Today for the first time he put his clothes on with no help from me.

He rode his bike around the house block.

He sat down and understood the concept of rhyming words

He told me his favourite mini beast was the lady bird, and then changed his mind and told me it was the bee, and then changed his mind again and told me it was the spider .

He grows funnier everyday.

He responds faster to my sad-face than my angry-face.

And he loves his baby brother and baby sister without jealousy or doubt.

He is a wonderful person.


  1. I love him to bits! He is the most caring, loving and the funniest boy I know. And of course Reyah’s favorite!
    May Almighty bless him with loads of happiness, and make him grow into a healthy and kind person.
    Although I have no doubt about how mischievous, manipulative and smart he will be.

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