Hard Words




Words come harder to me nowadays.

There seem to be so much more ‘action’ in my life right now. Constant movement is necessary. Moving from one task to the next, scheduling many many more, trying to think of what i have forgotten AND procrastinating with sheer exhaustion.

I miss my blog. I miss cooking and most of all i miss the exhilarating feeling of finishing everything on my to do list. Its not possible now, and i know its going to be  hard few months ahead. But I will strive, i will move and someday i will check off everything on my to do list again. And that day will be a wonderful day indeed.



  1. I think you are dealing with it all perfectly well! Alhamdulillah you are busy because of your beautiful kids and all the wonderful things in their lives. Soon you will be wondering how time flew!

  2. Nice to know that you are busy as always. But one thing I miss in your blog, is your culinary skills and recipes. Hope to see some easy to make recipes from your kitchen.

    Until then keep rocking

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